The Contactless Keychain

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Say goodbye to mundane surfaces!

The Contactless Keychain keeps you from touching high-risk surfaces with your bare hands! 


Made out of Antimicrobial Material

Our tool is made out of antimicrobial material which makes it harder for germs, bacterias, and viruses to attach to the surface of your keychain, giving you an extra layer of safety.

Use it on ALL Touchscreens

Forget about using that nasty pen when checking out at a restaurant or a store, with the Contactless Keychain, you have your own! 

Our Stylus tip works on ALL touchscreens including smartphones, tablets, and checkout screens.  

Once you try it you won't know how you got along without it!


EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT - The Contactless Keychain is reinforced with Carbon Fiber, which makes the piece extremely lightweight (0.4oz), yet incredibly sturdy. 

MADE IN USA - Don't buy cheap alternatives coming from China. The Contactless Keychain was engineered in Germany and manufactured in Iowa, USA. 



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